Raft Building Challenge – STEM workshop

This summer, adventure begins at your library!

Join us for a Raft Building Challenge. Register by Friday, June 7th. Call 462-3317 or email [email protected]

This will be a six-week STEM workshop for kids ages 8-14. Every Tuesday from June 11th through July 16th. Class time is 10:00am – 12:00pm. The workshop is FREE, and snacks will be provided.

Kids will spend the entire workshop designing and building a raft that is big enough to hold at least two people and can float. Super cool, right?

All materials must be sourced locally, and they will have to manage a budget. Kids will also use engineering skills, geometry, mathematics, problem solving and teamwork – just to name a few!  A water safety class will kick off the workshop and it will end with a live float on the river, supervised of course.

Complete guidelines will be provided the first day of the workshop, on June 11th.